The Advantages of Multiple Pairs of Eyewear

Many people pick either contacts or one pair of glasses, but often find that they wish they had an alternative option to their main eyewear. There are many reasons why owning multiple pairs of eyeglasses is beneficial. You never know what could happen that would cause you to break or lose a pair, and being…
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Non-Glare Lenses

Non-glare (or anti-reflective) coating is a common and cost-effective feature that many eyeglass wearers elect to have put on their lenses. Non-glare lenses have an anti-reflective coating that works by eliminating the reflections of light from the front and back the lens. The anti-glare protection allows more light to come through the lens, and results…
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Children and Computer Vision Syndrome

People are always touting the benefits and the risks of social media, videogames, television, and other screen activities. It’s common to hear about someone giving up social media for a period of time just to see if they are able to kick what they consider an ‘addiction.’ New Year’s resolutions are often to read more…
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